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Orange pie | Reed Diffuser

A spicy fragrance with citrus notes of orange that lead to creamy vanilla and cinnamon undertones. A classic blend of freshly squeezed oranges mixed with traditional cinnamon. It's one of the most popular scents of winter!
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Reed Diffusers are the most beautiful and complete way to continuously fragrance a room. The continuous and subtle aroma they emit has the power to transform a room from a mundane space into a wonderful corner of the home. It can instantly rejuvenate an otherwise tired space! They come with 6 sticks in a natural bamboo color.

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Fragrance composition

Top notes: Fresh, aldehydic, green, citrusy (orange, mandarin, lemon, lime), spicy (cinnamon).

Middle notes (heart notes): Aldehydic, fruity, spicy (cinnamon).

Base notes: Balsamic (vanilla).

Instructions for use

Place the reed diffuser in a central point of the space you want to perfume.

Start by placing a few sticks in the container to begin with and adjust the intensity of the aroma by adding or removing the remaining sticks.

The aroma diffuses evenly in the room through the sticks. To renew the intensity of the fragrance, turn the sticks every 4-6 days

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