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New Year's Eve Candle

With the aroma of buttery ginger and cinnamon cookies, the New Year's Eve Candle invites you to be part of the sweetest and most festive tradition!

A wonderful gift for you and your loved ones!

Clean products

High quality certified raw materials of plant origin

Cruelty Free

No animal experiments are conducted or commissioned at any stage of production

Sustainable & Conscious

Clean practices with respect to tradition and the rules of sustainable production

Handmade in small batches

Handmade products in small batches made with care and attention


• They are produced from 100% natural ingredients of which olive oil holds the largest percentage!

• They do not contain foaming agents and other chemical detergents.

• They are prepared using the cold saponification method, as a result of which the beneficial properties of the natural ingredients are largely preserved.

• Raw materials from natural renewable resources are used for their production.

• They are suitable for daily use. Their pure, natural ingredients make it ideal for the whole family and for all skin types.


Kind words from lovely people

What can anyone say about face creams??!! Excellent textures, perfect absorption, incredible aromas with terrible immediate results that if you don't try them, no one can understand. They really do what they say!! The prices are very affordable for what they offer!!! Congratulations guys, keep it up and of course I will try other products from the store 👍👍👍👍!!

Jenny K.

Excellent products. I have always been looking for natural cosmetics and Greek honey without chemical additives. apicell products exceeded my expectations. They are pure with aromas and smells that move you and embrace you. It is obvious that they are made by people who love their work.

Electra K.

The fantastic quality of the products is perfectly matched by the amazing service both in the physical store and in the e shop. The people are knowledgeable and professional ready to listen and help consumers find the right product according to their needs Congratulations and a thousand well done! Keep up the great work you are doing!!

Maria M.

Immediate service via eshop. I ordered natural scented candles, I found their price to be competitive. I lit the vanilla candle and was so mesmerized by the scent that I wanted to leave this review. I will definitely order again!

Poly Niki

I learned about the company from their facial peeling! It's perfect! Since then, everything else I've tried has really been just as good. Very kind people who win you over. Worth a try. Especially the peeling!!

Elliana K.

Excellent service! The face and eye creams are perfect and the soaps one and one!

Ismeni A.

The propolis is fantastic and not watery at all. The face care products are very nice, especially the serum, you put it on and your face feels cool and shiny. I'm not talking about the honey and the pastels are excellent

Mersini S

Everywhere only quality in all products. With friendly service.

Christos K.

Great products and pleasant staff!! You are happy to enter the store!

Militsa K.

Great products!!!!! Incredible smells and quality!!!!!
Fantastic service!!!! I will DEFINITELY visit the store again!!

Zoe F.

I think 5 stars are too few!! Wonderful natural products, delicious honey and impeccable service!! Mrs. Lena seems to make everything with a lot of love!!! Even the wrapping of the gifts is done with love!! Thank you very much!!!

Maria M.

In general, I have tried many products for the face and I have to say that Apicell is one of the best on the market. Amazing texture, fragrances, completely natural and really effective. The glow and vitality my skin got from the first week of use is indescribable! Favorite products are face sunscreen, face soaps, serum, night regeneration cream and face wax. I fondly recommend!

Elisavet P.

Excellent quality materials. I never would have thought that such a good wax raw material would work so soothingly in my workplace...

Vasilis K.

The scents from the candles are really wonderful, the quality of the products is very good, but also their price. As for the service, impeccable, friendly and fast! thank you very much for the gifts!!🙂

Kiki A.

So far I have tried the term k eye cream. I was completely pleased. I saw a glow on my face from the first days. I can't wait to try other products. I think they are of very high quality and I am happy to support Greek companies.

Sevasti K.

All the products I tried with their advice are great, really for my skin's needs! I also love their candles with scents like vanilla, sandalwood and nightlife!! You have to try them girls!! 😉😊😍

lily a.

Pleasant dance, wide range of organic pure products and impeccable staff!

Dimitris P.

We love apicell for the excellent quality of its products, the variety and the impeccable service!

So K.