We love new partnerships with people who share the same values ​​and the same vision as us, for a greener and more optimistic future. We believe that through cooperation, knowledge and awareness we can change the world!

The whole range of Apicell products is offered for wholesale and more! In our licensed workshop, we can create your own line of cosmetics, soaps or candles.

So if you want to work together and you have an appetite, a vision and a good mood, then fill out the contact form below and you will soon receive news from us.

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Why choose us?

Endless hours of work, continuous training and deep knowledge of Greek nature led to the production of food and beauty products of high nutritional value, top quality and efficiency always with respect to tradition and the correct practices of sustainable production.

Soaps like old times. Handmade bars of cleanliness and luxury, made with the purest ingredients. Designed to offer rich hydration and deep cleansing, while at the same time remaining friendly even to the most sensitive skin. They are produced in small batches using the traditional brewing method and are aged for 6-8 weeks until their saponification is complete.

Cosmetics that lovingly take care of the skin while at the same time promoting the general health of body and soul. Handmade, plant-based and free of chemicals and preservatives, they are made to meet daily treatment and care needs. Their effectiveness is based on the combination of excellent quality raw materials with modern herbal active ingredients. Cosmetics fresh, with pure ingredients ONLY from mother nature.

Candles made by hand and centered around the hive universe. Based on soy wax, enriched with beeswax and scented with pure and hypoallergenic fragrances, they are completely safe and completely biodegradable, free of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, phthalates and CMRs (carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic agents for reproduction). The large collection of perfumes for all tastes awakens the senses and promises to cover even the most demanding tastes. Candles that are made with love and aim for you to love them too.