Shipping Methods

Shipment Methods - Shipping Costs - Special Orders Outside Greece

We use ELTA Courier and Courier Center as the companies responsible for collecting products from our store and delivering them to you. We ship our products within Greece and also abroad, except for Asia. However, we cannot ship royal jelly and fresh bee bread products abroad due to their unique nature, as they need to be kept at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius to remain suitable for consumption. Additionally, for orders to be executed abroad, cash on delivery is not accepted as a payment method. Therefore, the price of the ordered products and their shipping costs to foreign destinations must be prepaid either by Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards or by bank transfer to the following business accounts:

Alpha Bank: GR0801407200720002002008615

Piraeus Bank: GR30 0171 0750 0060 7501 0252 956

Viva: GR93 7010 0000 0007 7166 8239 632

Delivery Time from Us to Shipment

The delivery of ordered products to the courier or transportation company for shipment takes place on the next working day, provided that these products are readily available from our company, and the order is placed before 16:00. Our online store,, and our company do not guarantee the availability of products but undertake to promptly inform customers about the timing of availability or non-availability of these products. The transportation of products is always at the expense and responsibility of the customer and is carried out by the courier company we collaborate with, to the delivery location of the products. It should be emphasized that the products travel and are transported on behalf of the buyer/consumer, who bears the risk of their transportation, i.e., from the moment of delivery by us to the transportation for shipment until their receipt by the recipient. The products remain our property until the full payment of the price.

Our company is responsible for the time of delivery of the products for transportation to the courier company or transportation company, subject to their availability as described above. However, our company is not responsible for the time of the final delivery by the courier company or transportation company to the consumer, as the sole responsibility lies with the courier company or transportation company. Our company informs the consumer about when the ordered products were delivered to the courier company or transportation company via email to the ordering user, either if the user has registered on our website with an active email or if the user placed the order as a guest. However, only in the case of user registration on our website will the user have the ability to track the overall progress of their order, a feature not available to users who placed orders as guests.

The days and hours of delivery of products by the courier company are determined by the courier company itself. In the case of remote areas, as defined on the Courier's website, the respective order will reach the nearest station and must be collected from there by the recipient at their own discretion.

Our company declares that the content, products, and services are provided through our website within the framework of transactions with the online store and is not responsible for any further damages arising from the execution or non-execution of orders or from any delay in execution for any reason.