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Pine Honey


With a view of the Potamia, at the foothills of Mount Ipsarion in Thassos, we gather Pine Honey, a variety produced only in specific regions of the Eastern Mediterranean, including Greece, the coastal areas of Turkey, and Cyprus. It originates from the resinous secretions of the insect Marchalina hellenica, commonly known as the 'pine woolly aphid' or 'pine worker.'
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Taste & aroma

Pine Honey's flavor, owing to its lower sugar concentration, is neutral with a mild sweetness and distinct woody undertones in its aftertaste and aroma. Its color is delightfully golden.

More information

Pairing: An excellent choice for your tea and breakfast, Pine Honey is a perfect sugar substitute in desserts and pairs wonderfully with yellow cheeses.

Pine trees are considered the most significant beekeeping plants in our country. Due to its lower sugar concentration, it isn't overly sweet.

Pine Honey is regarded as highly nutritious honey and serves as a remarkable remedy for throat ailments.

100% of Greek Origin

Unprocessed Honey

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