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White Musk | Soy & Beeswax Melts

White Musk. An exceptional and timeless fragrance.
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Taste & aroma

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Place one or two of the 6 wax cubes included in this package into your wax melt device and scent your home, even the larger areas, in the most cost-effective way!

What makes Scentchips devices stand out?


75 gr

Fragrance composition

Top notes: Citrusy (bergamot), Floral (jasmine, rose, lily), Musky

Middle notes: Floral, Balsamic, Musky

Base notes: Floral, Balsamic, Musky

Instructions for use

Each wax melt package is made from 100% certified eco-friendly soy wax and our own production of beeswax. It contains carefully selected aromatic oils without phthalates to provide you with a clean, long-lasting, and consistent fragrance for your space.

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