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Sandalwood | Reed Diffuser


Sensual sandalwood seeds take center stage in this captivating and earthy fragrance, adding an irresistible allure that will transport your senses to a world of exotic luxury.
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Reed Diffusers are the most beautiful and complete way to continuously scent a room. The continuous and subtle aroma they emit has the power to transform a room from a dull space into a wonderful corner of your home. It can instantly brighten up an otherwise tired area!

They come with 6 sticks in natural bamboo color.

Fragrance composition

Sensual sandalwood seeds dominate this exotic and earthy fragrance.

Instructions for use

Place the reed diffuser in a central location in the room you want to fragrance.

Start by placing a few sticks in the container to begin with, and adjust the intensity of the fragrance by adding or removing the remaining sticks.

The fragrance will diffuse evenly throughout the space via the sticks. To refresh the fragrance, flip the sticks every 4-6 days.

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