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White Musk | Soy & Beeswax Candle | Luxury


White Musk - An exquisite and timeless fragrance.

Handcrafted natural aromatic candle made from certified organic soy wax and our own pure beeswax production. With high-quality fragrances, NO phthalates.

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    The 370ml packaging provides over 75 hours of burning time, while the 580ml option lasts for up to 110 hours.

    Completely natural. No paraffin or chemical byproducts.
    100% cotton wick without lead.
    100% Phthalate-free fragrances.

    Fragrance Composition

    Top notes: Citrus (bergamot), floral (jasmine, rose, lily), musky

    Middle notes (heart notes): Floral, balsamic, musky

    Base notes: Floral, balsamic, musky

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    Terms and conditions:

    Jars must be clean of wax and bear the fragrance label even if it is slightly damaged.

    Jars can also be sent to our stores for a shipping fee.