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AntiCellulite Dry Body Oil

Apicell dry body oil with essential oils of chili and cinnamon is designed to stimulate blood circulation, detoxify, and combat fluid retention and cellulite. Infused with ivy oil for fat breakdown and enhanced anti-cellulite action, as well as walnut oil for firming, deep hydration, and nourishment.

Experience noticeable results from the very first uses! Say goodbye to cellulite and fluid retention and say hello to smoother, healthier-looking skin.

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Ivy Oil : Ivy oil contains saponins with vasoconstrictive and antibacterial properties, caffeic acid providing anti-inflammatory action, and saponins that detoxify and combat cellulite. Furthermore, ivy oil enhances microcirculation, leading to the reduction of cellulite and alleviating tired leg symptoms.

Coconut Oil: Softening and soothing, especially for dry/sensitive skin. It reinforces the hydro-lipidic barrier and provides anti-inflammatory protection. It deeply penetrates and nourishes the skin, while also offering anti-aging and antioxidant benefits.

Hazelnut Oil: An exceptionally moisturizing dry oil, hazelnut oil has the ability to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, offering an extremely softening effect without leaving any greasiness. Simultaneously, it stimulates the circulatory system, helping to tone and firm the skin, preventing dehydration, and aiding in tissue repair. Rich in vitamin E and phytosterols, it provides strong antioxidant protection, heals and restores skin damage, and can reduce inflammation.

Vitamin E: Known for its significant antioxidant action, it protects cells from free radicals and prevents premature skin aging due to UV radiation. It also provides moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Chili and Cinnamon Essential Oils: Two essential oils with a common action of stimulating blood circulation and enhancing weight loss. They effectively contribute to combating cellulite and fluid retention, while, thanks to their warming action, they increase sweating, promoting detoxification of the body.

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Apply to the desired areas and massage in circular motions until fully absorbed.

For immediate results, apply twice a day.

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