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AcneSoothe Skin Balancing Oil

A facial oil designed for oily and acne-prone skin with a 100% natural formula.

Effectively balances skin's oiliness, helps maintain the skin's natural balance, and provides relief from inflammation. Additionally, it nourishes, hydrates, and repairs stressed skin.

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Oat oil: It is quickly absorbed and helps effectively reduce pimples, black spots, sebum, and oiliness. It strengthens the skin's barrier, preventing water loss and acting as a hygroscopic agent.

Tea tree essential oil: It has strong antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties, making it equally effective in preventing and treating acne. It penetrates deep into the skin, releasing sebaceous glands, and disinfecting pores.

Cannabis oil: It effectively moisturizes and nourishes the skin while enhancing the healing process and providing antioxidant protection.

Abyssinian oil: Particularly rich in essential fatty acids, it penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, intensely nourishing and hydrating while also improving skin elasticity.

Vitamin E: Provides moisturizing and anti-inflammatory action, combined with significant protection against free radicals and premature aging.

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30 ml

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Apply in circular motions to clean and dry skin, morning and evening.

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